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Where the Long Tail Ends

Aug 1, 2016

This month, Cody, Robert, and Nat check into the NEW ROSE HOTEL and discover a world of betrayal, loss, and regrets. Based on a short story by William Gibson, NEW ROSE HOTEL is an example of cyberpunk as two independent operators, played by Christopher Walken and Willem Dafoe, recruit a young woman, played by Asia Argento, to seduce a top scientist to defect from one corporation to another. Things don't go as planned, including Willem Dafoe falling in love with Asia Argento.


NEW ROSE HOTEL beat THE MATRIX to the screen, but they clearly have different purposes. As directed by Abel Ferrera, NEW ROSE HOTEL is more of a mood piece and a rumination than a sexy, exciting heist thriller. We have a lot to say about the film in regards to how it tells its story, William Gibson's world of corporate intrigue, its depiction of then-future technology, and the performances of Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe, and Asia Argento. There are some disagreements, but we like to think there's more light than heat here.


As a bonus, we have some personal news to share and we take a look back at year two of the podcast, discussing our favorite and least favorite movies and episodes.