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Where the Long Tail Ends

Dec 18, 2015

And we're only 18 months behind in posting this episode, which I think just might be a new record. Might. But here's the thing, by waiting the long to post this very special episode of High and Low (Brow). We recorded this with the idea of being a fun surprise that we might post, and then it sort of gestated and I toyed with the idea of making it a premium episode or pay to play episode, and after enough time I kind of dismissed that idea and decided I'd post it for the new Star Wars film as a fun little surprise for all of you who've stuck around over the years. It's my way of showing you I appreciate it.

As for the theme of this episode, we watched two TV specials from the late 1970's. First up we review The Star Wars Holiday Special, a show neither of us had ever seen, and a show neither of us wishes to watch again. It is abysmal, and I'm a lesser man for having witnessed it.

Next up is the fairly unknown two-part TV Special, Legends of the Superheroes. A sort of live action Challenge of the Superfriends show, until it becomes a parody of a celebrity roast for a reason I couldn't possibly explain, let alone understand. Or enjoy.With not much to talk about these terrible shows we soon delve into an inaccurate history of comics and then shifts into our TV watching habits of our youth and that's just the start of this weird pop culture rabbit hole. All in all it's a pretty solid episode of High and Low (Brow), from a certain point of view.

I hope you enjoy this belated gift, and as always, thanks for listening.